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In addition to a variety of domain news sources, there are a number of domain tools that I use daily when buying and selling domain names, and I wanted to share some of them with you.   If you use other tools, I would be interested to know what you use, and what they do for you. Below are my favorites - although this list will probably grow as I think of other tools I use:

Whois Lookup ( - I think everyone has a favorite Whois look-up, and I use in order to see who owns what.   On my Blackberry, I prefer because it loads faster for me.

Domain History Tool (Domain Tools) - This is imperative when buying an older domain name in order to make sure everything looks legit. The last thing you want to do is buy a stolen domain name, so this tool can help you see if something looks fishy.

Website History Check ( - This allows you to see various websites that previously existed on a domain name.

Keyword Popularity (Google Adwords) - See how many searches are done monthly and on → Read More