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Privacy After Domain Sales Isn’t a Given, Nor is it Free


A few years ago, I used Sedo's escrow service for a private domain sale. I had closed the deal in private, but I wanted to have a safe transaction so both the buyer and I chose Sedo to facilitate the payment and transfer. The following week, I saw that my sale was reported to DNJournal by Sedo, listing Sedo as the "Where Sold."

This same thing happened when I used Moniker to handle the escrow for a transaction several months later. The company didn't facilitate the sale, and it only handled the escrow for the transaction. This upset me because I didn't know they reported all sales, and had there been a confidentiality agreement, it would have been violated.

In both cases, Ron Jackson quickly took down the sales reports for me, as I did not want the previous seller to see the prices at which they sold.

I was chatting with a friend today who let me know about a Sedo policy I find disappointing. Sedo charges an additional 2.5% to their sales commission to keep a sale private. I thought this was funky, but it was confirmed by a → Read More