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Mike Mann Shares Results of A/B Price Testing


DomainMarket.comYou've probably seen Buy Domains price its domain names to end with the numbers 88. Whether the domain name is $4,088 or $40,088, almost all of Buy Domains' priced domain names have an 88 at the end. That was most likely the result of Mike Mann's testing from when he owned the company.

Yesterday on Facebook, Mike shared some interesting results from A/B price testing on domain names listed for sale at Domain Market. With his permission, I have shared the information with you here:

Price Point # Sold Revenue Generated

  • $250 31 $7,750

  • $300 29 $8,700

  • $400 17 $6,800

  • $450 10 $4,500

  • $600 17 $10,200

  • $2050 3 $6,150

What this indicates to me is that the $600 price point generated the most revenue for the company, despite not being the level with the greatest number of sales. Obviously fewer sales are required with a higher price point compared to the lower price. Testing like this can help Mann's company determine the optimal price point for his non-premium domain assets that sell every day.

One interesting thing to → Read More

Domain Market / Domain Asset Holdings Changes Landing Pages: No More PPC Links


I happened to come across a domain name owned by Mike Mann's Domain Asset Holdings, and I noticed the company recently changed its landing pages. A cross check with some other DAH landing pages confirmed this. The changes between the new landers and old landers are pretty distinct, and because Mann is often on the leading edge when it comes to domain acquisitions and sales, I think it's something others should note.

As you can see in the embedded image above (and by visiting an example like, gone are the PPC links that were usually shown. In its place are links to Mann's businesses like,,, and many others. In addition, links to Mann's charitable causes are also prominent.

According to Mann, this was a business decision because it is more profitable to upsell and cross-sell his products and services than to earn revenue from the PPC links that were previously on the landing pages. "If we merely sell a few accounts at our other companies with all that traffic its much → Read More

Domain Market Sells $36k in Domain Names


DomainMarket.comMike Mann's sold around $36,000 in publicly reported domain sales last week. The high sale of the week was, which was sold for $10,000. The Whois has not changed for many of these domain names yet, since they are likely pending transfer.

One thing I think Mann does right is that each domain name resolves to a "for sale" landing page, which also has sponsored results PPC links. I would bet that many small business owners have no clue about the Whois database, and they visit the domain name they are interested in buying to see if it's available. With a huge "Buy" call to action right on the page, it's easy to see the domain name is for sale.

This is something you might want to consider on your low revenue, undeveloped domain names that you're looking to sell.

Below are the company's reported sales: $10,000.00 $5,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $1,500.00 → Read More

TechCrunch Article Should Update Characterization of Domain Company


DomainMarket.comTechCrunch is one of my favorite websites to read, and I have to say, I spend quite a bit of time on the site. I especially enjoy reading articles by Michael Arrington, Robin Wauters, and Erick Schonfeld, two TechCrunch staff journalists. Unfortunately, I disagree with the portrayal of Mike Mann's Domain Asset Holdings in yesterday's article about Facebook's UDRP filing for 21 domain names.

First, let's start with the case. Facebook filed a UDRP for 21 domain names owned by Domain Asset Holdings that included the term "Facebook" in them. Some of these names include, Some might think it's a cut and dry case, but with trademark law, there's very little that is cut and dry.

When I was in college, there was a freshman facebook distributed to all RAs, administrators, and freshmen. I am sure there are plenty of other colleges that did and still do the same. Facebook the company did not coin the term "facebook" despite making it into a well-known brand. That being said, according to Domain → Read More

Mike Mann on Sedo .CO Auction


As you may or may not be aware, many of the domain names in yesterday's .CO domain auction held at Sedo are owned by legendary domain investor, Mike Mann. Mike was the founder of Buy Domains, which he sold to NameMedia, and he currently operates He remains the largest non-institutional shareholder in NameMedia, and he is an active philanthropist with

Aside from Sedo and perhaps the .CO Registry, Mike and his company had the most on the line with this auction. I asked him for some comments on it, and he was kind enough to reply. (more…) → Read More

New Domain Aftermarket Sites


In the last couple of months, I have learned about several new domain aftermarket sales websites. Most of the new sites haven't been started by amateurs, but rather by professional domain investors who make their living in the domain space. Here are a few of the newer aftermarket websites: - This site was founded by Mike Mann, the successful domain investor who founded BuyDomains and The company features domain names such as,,,,, and many other great names. In addition, there are thousands of less expensive keyword domain names costing $500 or less. - This domain aftermarket was founded by the founders of several websites and businesses on domain names that include,,,, and The company features domain names such as,,, and There are also a variety of other domain names in several → Read More