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Coffee.Club Promoted at NamesCon


When I arrived at the NamesCon exhibit area on Monday morning, one of the first things I noticed is that Coffee.Club and the .Club Registry are heavily promoting the Coffee.Club business. The popular coffee stand located between the registration booth and the exhibit hall now has Coffee.Club branding, and the pair of companies have been handing out passes for free cups of coffee to conference attendees (regular cost is around $4 for a large cup).

In addition to the rebranding of the coffee stand, the coffee that has been served inside the exhibition hall has Coffee.Club branding as well. Just about everyone drinking coffee at NamesCon is using a Coffee.Club cup. Because of an existing contract with a coffee provider, the coffee that is being brewed is not from Coffee.Club though.

I think this is smart marketing for two reasons. (more…) → Read More