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.co.com: 10k Domains at 1 Year Anniversary


Ken Hansen from the .co.com registry shared some news with me that I want to share with you. The .co.com registry recently celebrated its one year anniversary, and there are now more than 10,000 .co.com domain names registered. .co.com domain names retail for anywhere from $20 - $40, and some registrars have a higher renewal cost. The registry has also sold many domain names at a premium cost, such as Mobile.co.com for $25,000.

If .co.com were a new gTLD registry, the extension would rank as one of the top 100 registries (based on the nTLDStats.com list of top new gTLD registries). The registry also reported increasing momentum towards the end of 2014. According to the press release announcing the news, "many companies are using their .co.com domain rather than their country code top-level domain to better reach potential outside of their borders."

A key test for the registry will be the renewal rate for its registered domain names. Since some registrars are charging more for renewals, this could lead to an uptick in revenue. → Read More

.CO Brands Should Buy Matching .co.com Domain Names


The .co.com domain registry, under the leadership of CEO Ken Hansen,  began selling its .co.com domain names about a week ago, and the registry is currently in the landrush phase. Anyone can now reserve .co.com domain names at one of 13 domain registrars (like 101Domain), and more registrars are reportedly being onboarded in the future. General availability will take place in July.

I don't plan to buy any .co.com domain names for myself, but I think companies who operate businesses on .CO domain names should consider purchasing the corresponding .co.com domain name for their business. .CO has been around for quite some time, and they've done quite a good job of growing awareness for .CO domain names. In my opinion though, I think there may still be some traffic leakage to other domain names.

The first likely source of any traffic leakage is (more…) → Read More