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Don’t Fear 65 .com – Call to Action Gone Wrong


Picture 2I think the domain name is clever, but the call to action banner is poor execution (in my humble opinion). In the United States and perhaps elsewhere, 65 is the typical age at which many people aim to retire, and certain tax benefits are given. Symetra Financial is trying to convey that retirement isn't something that potential customers need to fear.

The problem is that I saw this banner advertisement on a website I visit frequently, but for short periods of time, so it barely caught my attention. As I was clicking to another website, I glanced up at the huge 728x90 banner, and I read, "Don't fear," with the standing out the most. My first reaction was that it was cool a 2 digit numeric website was being advertised, and my second reaction was to type in, which didn't resolve to any website.

I thought it was weird, so I went back to the site where I saw the banner and realized they were advertising rather than Although I am not a potential customer nor part of their → Read More