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Quick Tip: Use Browser Shots


If you're developing a website, you're going to want to make sure it looks the same and works the same (or similar) in all web browsers. is a website that allows you to see how a website looks in many different browsers and browser versions.

Since I use my MacBook, I don't have access to Internet Explorer. I rely on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to check out my websites, but it's important to know how the site looks in IE. Similarly many PC users can't access Safari, and many don't have more than a couple browsers.

A couple of days ago, someone emailed me to let me know about an issue with one of my websites, which he noticed in IE8. Fortunately, I was able to ask a couple of friends for screenshots and get home page screenshots in a variety of browsers using I was quickly able to address the issue.

Browser Shots allows you to look at dozens of browsers and browser versions, and it's a helpful tool to use. If you're developing a website, you will want to use Browser Shots as you go. → Read More