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Guest Post: Brad Larson Discusses Both Ends Burning


Brad Larson has been my executive account manager at Go Daddy for a number of years. Whenever I've needed anything related to my account, Brad has been there to get things done for me ASAP. I learned about Both Ends Burning from Brad, and I asked him to provide details about the organization and why he supports it so fervently.

Two and a half years ago I met Jed at an orphanage in Haiti.    He was 18 months old and had a smile that lit up the room.      Of all the kids there, Jed and I connected.    His story was painful. Born with no legs, he was a burden on his family and they were too poor to give him the care he needed. Jed was brought to the orphanage where he lived his two short years on this earth.

When I learned of Jed's passing, it literally wrecked my heart. This little boy was born without a family and died without a family.    And the shocking reality was that he was just one of 163 million orphans in the world.        163 million children without families.        In my mind, now each one of those → Read More