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Microsoft’s “Bing” Travel Mistake


One of my favorite travel websites is The website makes predictions about the price of airfare for major airlines, and it advises whether consumers should purchase their tickets or wait to purchase them, based on a proprietary algorithm (which is based on historic trends and other factors).

From a branding perspective, Farecast is a great brand. Fare from "airfare" is combined with "cast" from forecast, creating a "farecast," which is a forecast of airfare. The brand is short, unique, and memorable, a powerful branding combination.

A few months ago, I noticed that when I typed in, I was redirected to The site was still branded as Farecast, but it was redirected to a Microsoft URL. Based on this, I assumed Microsoft had purchased the company, but nothing had really changed so I didn't think much of it.

Yesterday I received an email from a sender called "bing travel," and the email notified me that, "Live Search Farecast has joined forces with MSN Travel to become Bing Travel." I → Read More