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Follow Along as I Build a Mini Site


This afternoon beginning at 12:00pm noon EDT, I am going to do a small experiment, simultaneously blogging here and Tweeting as I build a website on my domain name, Yes, I listed for sale a couple of days ago and it hasn't sold yet, but I am going to build a mini site because it can only enhance the value of the site. I am still willing to sell the domain name and website for now, but will take it off the market when it starts making good Adsense revenue :)

Just a few things to point out first. 1) I don't know how long it will take because all of them take different amounts of time. 2) I am using a website template my designer created, which can be purchased by anyone on (called Bluelight). 3) The logo graphic was created ahead of time by my designer. 4) When it's done, it will look similar to - same structure. 5) If you have suggestions for the design, post them here or Tweet them @elliotsblog. 6) I will continue to update this with short updates that → Read More