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TRAFFIC Amsterdam Recap


TRAFFIC AmsterdamWhen I first heard about the TRAFFIC ccTLD conference in Amsterdam, it was shortly after Rick Latona worked out an agreement with Rick Schwartz to operate the show. My first thought was that I needed to be there, but my second thought was that I am not a ccTLD investor, so it wouldn't be smart to spend the money to attend. I am glad I went along with my first gut instinct because the conference turned out to be fantastic.

Prior to attending, I did research on the ccTLD market, read about issues concerning ownership of these types of domain names, signed up for (domain forum) and I learned about some of the big investors and companies in this space. Previously, I really knew nothing about the industry, so I stayed away, which was not the smartest move. I will be the first to admit that I am a US-centric domain investor, and this had partially prevented me from exploring other areas of growth in the domain space, including the ccTLD market.

One of my goals of the conference was to attend as many panels as possible. → Read More