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Getting Your TLD Legal in China: the MIIT Process Unboxed


Emblem_of_Ministry_of_Industry_and_Information_TechnologyFor some registries, it has been a more than four-year process to get their TLDs approved by China's regulator, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the enigmatic "MIIT"). However, with slow but steady MIIT approvals now coming out of China, what started with the MIIT's policy revision some years ago, to the appointment of the equally abstruse "review committee" last year, has now resulted in "approved" foreign registries now legally selling their domains in China. While this is certainly good news, the process leading to MIIT approval is still a formidable one.

As the China-specialist agency which was hired to support the successful applications of .club, .ink, .shop, .site and .vip, the 'coming soon' applications of .art, Famous Four, Neustar (.biz & .co), Rightside, and the original China market entry of the Chinese IDNs .在线 and .中文网, Allegravita is unambiguously the most experienced China domain registry consultant in the world. Elliot Silver of asked us to write → Read More

Video: Why is .VIP Popular in China?


I am the first to admit that I don't really understand the Chinese domain name market. I understand why certain domain names have significant value, but I have no idea about the underlying factors that are really contributing to the growth in capital that has been pouring into the domain space.

One example of my lack of knowledge relates to .VIP domain names. Believe it or not, there are now nearly half a million registered .VIP domain names, according to Over 83% of those registered domain names are parked. Also interestingly, I believe the 5 registrars with the greatest volume of .VIP domain name registrations are based in China.

I saw a video shared by 101Domain that offers some insight about why .VIP domain names are so popular, and I embedded it below for those who want to learn more about the extension and its popularity amongst buyers in  China. The video features Joe Alagna of 101Domain, Susan Lawrence of Minds + Machines (operator of .VIP), and Simon Cousins of Allegravita, a specialist in the Chinese → Read More

Allegravita Brings on Kurt Pritz As Partner


Although I don't know Kurt Pritz personally, I know that he has been active in the domain name space (primarily with ICANN) for many years. For nearly two years, Kurt served as Executive Director of the Domain Name Association, an organization that is quite involved in the new gTLD space.

Allegravita is a consulting firm with domain industry companies among its clients. I believe the company's primary focus is helping domain industry companies advance their business interests in the Chinese market. They seem to be  successful at what they do, as the renewed commitment of their relationship with .Club illustrates.

A couple of days ago, Allegravita announced that Kurt Pritz was joining the company as a Partner, and several outlets wrote about the news, including Domain Name Wire. This seems like a (more…) → Read More