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Blocking WordPress Spam with Akismet


Comment spam is a nuisance just about every Wordpress blog owner faces. I use the free Akismet Wordpress plugin to block spam comments on my blog and my other Wordpress-based websites. Akismet has blocked hundreds of thousands of spam comments from appearing on my blog and annoying readers.

One thing I've noticed quite a bit of lately are repetitive comments that are made by different people (or maybe even bots) that try to embed links or have keyword anchor text, and they aren't being blocked by Akismet. Despite having "nofollow" tag attribute on all comments and in the comment section of my blog, people still think they may get some search engine benefits from posting links.

There are a couple of tell-tale signs that a comment may be spam. Of course it's quite obvious when there are  keywords in lieu of a person's name (some people always do this though). The other thing that people try is copying someone else's comment word for word but they add a link below the comment. I guess they assume many people will just approve the → Read More