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101 Domain Relaunches, Integrates


The website was relaunched last week, and the  domain brokerage integrated the platform within its website. In addition to the high end domain brokerage, has replaced what was once It is unclear whether the company intends to shed the domain name, but it seems the company is integrating this brand within its own website.

Here's what the company said in an email it sent to newsletter subscribers and clients last week heralding the updates that were recently made:

"As you may recall, Igloo acquired the business of Aftermarket from Thought Convergence last fall. In bringing together an extraordinary offering of domain name aftermarket inventory in combination with dedicated domain advisors, we've been able to create a website that makes assisting buyers and sellers throughout all points of the sales process possible.

We are pleased to announce that very soon visitors to's marketplace will have access to millions of names appealing to every type of → Read More Acquires Marketplace


I just received word that has acquired the domain name resale marketplace from Thought Convergence. Terms of the private deal were not released. I've always felt that the platform had the ability to compete with the largest domain name marketplaces, and perhaps this acquisition will spur that to happen.

The acquisition indicates to me that is poised to grow beyond its reputation as a high end domain brokerage service. There is a major difference between brokering 6 and 7 figure domain names and operating a platform that specializes in the sale of every type of domain name. The key factor for will be its distribution channels because the most successful marketplaces have a wide variety of sales outlets. I am interested to see how establishes those relationships.

The press release announcing the sale is below. (more…) → Read More Would Like to Meet at NamesCon


One of the best ways a company can improve its offerings is to meet with clients and potential clients. The domain investment space is unique in that the number of people who are active is relatively small, and it's a fairly tight knit community compared to other types of asset classes.

When it comes to domain name marketplaces, there are two companies that are ahead of the pack in terms of sales and listings - Afternic and Sedo. is most likely the third largest private domain resale marketplace in terms of domain name listings (an unverified assumption).

I received an email last night from that I want to share with you. I think it's a great idea for them to reach out to clients in this manner, and I wish other companies did the same. I receive these types of emails from other companies, but I think (more…) → Read More

Managing Sale Listings Post-Inquiry


I assume that most people with domain name portfolios have sale listings at marketplaces like Sedo,, and Afternic. If you're like me, you list some domain names for sale at BIN prices and others are of the make offer variety. On occasion, I will update the prices as the market dictates, although I often "set it and forget it" in the words of infomercial star Ron Popeil.

Oftentimes, inquiries for my domain names either come from the domain name's landing page or as a result of my emailing potential buyers. Because of this, many prospects don't see what price a domain name is listed for on a marketplace, so there could be a price difference - sometimes more or sometimes less depending on market and business conditions.

When this happens, a prospect could (more…) → Read More Utilizes Live Chat


I visited a landing page that had a link to "Buy this domain name at," which I clicked to find out more about the domain name and purchase price. The landing page looks pretty clean and it has attributes that are similar in scope to my ideal passive "domain sales platform."

I had to walk away from my computer for a few moments, and shortly after leaving, I heard what sounded like a doorbell on my computer. when I returned to my computer, I saw a dialogue window had opened, and I was asked if I needed any help with respect to the sale listing.

I'm not sure how long the window was open before the chat screen popped up, but I think that is pretty neat. I don't know if other companies have implemented something like this either, but I would assume this at least helps qualify buyers. For instance, if a buyer wasn't too sure about domain name values, they could be offered information in the chat window.

This is a great offering from, and I would be interested in knowing how this increases response → Read More Now Offering Private Domain Brokerage Services


Aftermarket.comI received an email this morning announcing that is now offering private domain brokerage services. The company has domain brokers that will work on behalf of buyers to sell domain names. I am not sure of the terms the company offers for exclusivity or successful sales, but you may contact for more information.

In the email announcement, the company listed some of the domain names that are now under exclusive contract, including the following:











If you aren't already aware, is owned and operated by Thought Convergence. → Read More

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