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Domain Name Industry Affiliate Programs


There are many people who invest in domain names that are involved in affiliate marketing. I've never been very good at making money with affiliate programs, but there are plenty of people who make a living off of revenue from affiliate programs.

If you aren't aware, there are a number of affiliate and referral programs within the domain industry, and I want to share some of them with you in case you have a website that caters to people looking for information about domain names and the domain industry. Payout percentages vary depending on the program and product, so you should investigate individual programs for that information.

One important thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to aftermarket domain sales, tracking may be more difficult since some are closed over the phone or after negotiations. This means it may be difficult or impossible to track affiliate earnings.

Domain Industry Affiliate Programs:

Finding Affiliate Partners for Websites


One of the primary reasons I chose to re-design was to change my approach to advertising sales. At the moment, the sales process is manual, and advertisers cannot sign up without contacting me. Big mistake. I am not a great sales person when it comes to advertising, and I don't like making cold calls or sending emails. As a result, I only have a few advertisers on the site.

With the new site (which I hope to launch within 2 weeks), advertisers will be able to create and pay for directory listings manually in the Yellow Pages, although the more expensive banners will still be generated by me. I've had considerable interest in Yellow Pages listings, and I expect the revenue from listings to pay for the re-design within just a few months.

Although I have a few local advertisers (including the Courtyard by Marriott), I want to add some affiliate banners as well (including a new prominent 728x90 spot and 250x250 spot). Finding appropriate affiliate programs is a bit of a challenge because of the broad nature of → Read More

Affiliate Domain Development


I'm still pretty enthused about affiliate marketing after spending some time at Affiliate Summit in New York a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday, I mentioned that I would like to do some sort of affiliate website for my next project, and I am looking to find a name in a category of interest. I had a couple of questions emailed to me about the project I am considering, and I wanted to explain it better.

To illustrate the idea, I am thinking about something along the lines of owning a name like (just an example).   In addition to explaining how PPC works, discussing parking provider relationships with search engines, and other information, I would have a page dedicated to each domain parking company. The page will give information about the parking company with a sign-up button that has my affiliate link. It's simple, but because of that, I will need a great domain name that will help me get good search rankings, so when someone searches Google for parking companies, the domain ranks well.

I am not actually → Read More