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Domain Development: an Interactive Discussion with Theo Develegas


During the past several months, I've had several conversations with Theo Develegas, and I always get new ideas after listening to him and understanding his perspective on things.

When it comes to web development and graphic design, Theo is certainly one of the more  knowledgeable  domain investors out there, and he is a very good resource. He has done design work for me on three projects, and I was very pleased with the results. He's also been helpful to me when I've need some feedback and assistance.

Theo and I had a discussion about domain names and web development and created a two-part series, one of which is here and the other on his blog. Feel free to ask any questions.

Elliot: I posted an article last week discussing how I turned a parked domain name with a fair amount of type in traffic into a very mini website that doubled the revenue in less than a quarter of the time it was parked. Do you think it's possible to scale something like this to a large number of domain names and have it pay off, or would the time → Read More