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Exact Match Domains Can Be Brands


I was reading Aaron Wall's SEOBook.com article discussing the embedded  video from Google's Matt Cutts regarding keyword domain names and the rankings they achieve in Google. Aaron is one of the more forward-thinking SEOs, and it's a good article for domain investors to read.

Firstly, I think Aaron should note that there is a BIG difference between "keyword domain names" discussed by Matt Cutts and exact match domain names (EMD) discussed by Aaron. To me, keyword domain names are names like BestCarInsuranceQuotes.com or WatchMovieTrailersOnline.com, and exact match domain names would be names like SkiHelmets.com or SoccerCleats.com. Anyway, more on that below.

At the conclusion of the article, Aaron posed the question, "What happens to the value of domain names if EMD bonus goes away & Google keeps adding other data sources?"

From my perspective, strong descriptive domain names will still have the same value before and after because those domain names can be brands on their own. I think long tail keyword names, ugly → Read More