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2010 election

GOP Issues “Pledge to America” Launches PledgeToAmerica.com


When the 2010 election votes are fully tallied, it appears that the Republican Party will have won the majority in the US House of Representatives, and the Democrats will retain the majority of the seats in the US Senate.

As Representative John Boehner gave a non-celebratory "victory" speech, the GOP's A Pledge to America took center stage, literally, as the backdrop behind Rep. Boehner. Corresponding with the "Pledge" campaign, PledgeToAmerica.com was recently launched.

It appears that PledgeToAmerica.com expired in February of 2010, and it was then purchased again in May of 2010. It's currently registered to a Steven Conn of Scottsdale, Arizona, who is also the registrant of the Mark It Media domain name (MarkIT Media Group is listed as the Pledge to America website designer).

Interestingly, the registrant chose not to register APledgeToAmerica.com (strange since the branding all includes "A" in front of "Pledge"). APledgeToAmerica.com was registered on September 17, 2010. This domain name currently resolves to a Godaddy → Read More