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According to a recent Whois update tracked by the DomainTools Registrant Monitor, Google has acquired the domain name. Prior to this most recent Whois change, the domain name had been registered to DNStination Inc., the privacy proxy service operated by MarkMonitor.

Jamie Zoch tweeted about the change of registrant earlier this year, and he speculated that Google might have been the buyer behind the purchase because of the nameserver settings:

With the latest Whois update, the domain name acquisition has been confirmed.

At the time of publication, does not resolve to a working website. The registrant change could indicate the company is planning to launch something on or otherwise use the domain name for something else in the near future. Perhaps it could even be related to the company’s recent Stadia news. It may also be nothing more than a housekeeping matter and not indicate anything is coming soon.

Whatever the case may be, is a great domain name and it will be neat to see how Google uses it.

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    • Mark it takes courage and generosity to do the right thing when you know it will almost certainly not go unpunished.

      I usually don’t like to say anything bad about people’s domains except in rare cases if I believe there is a compelling reason.

      Both those “stream” domain suck. Yes, there are Google results, and I’ve learned many times over it doesn’t always mean a domain is good.

      Those are very awkward.

      “Streaming options” is the best of the three, but even that is not a good domain.

      Sorry, but it’s reality. I’ve let far better ones than that expire and go, including two and even occasionally a one worder.

  1. There’s YT channel I subscribe to. Occasionally a channel will do a live stream. I was just on a live scream for this particular one, just now. So, no surprise they would get this domain. They may turn it into something big, similar to YT.

  2. During live streams, people make donations. I’ll bet Google takes a cut of the donations. The donations are called “super chats” and appear.

  3. Google wants to take on Twitch with their new platform… we know how Google is with their projects, but with that big hype around Stadia, now acquisition, maybe they focus a bit on it instead of just making a subpar system that will crumble like Google+.

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