StatCounter Down in Chrome


Stat CounterI use a premium version of  StatCounter as one of my two traffic tracking tools for my blog. I think the data the service provides is excellent, and it allows me to review certain metrics much more quickly than Google Analytics can. I use both of these tools so I can cross-check the results to be sure the figures are accurate.

For some reason, doesn’t seem to be working anymore in Google Chrome. There’s no error message at all, and when you visit the website, it’s simply not resolving. I thought the site might be down completely, but a couple of quick checks showed me that it’s up and running. I also confirmed that it was an issue limited to Chrome by successfully using it on Safari and Firefox.

I haven’t heard of an issue where a website operates perfectly fine on certain browsers but doesn’t resolve at all on another browser. Hopefully this is just a temporary issue because I almost exclusively use Chrome these days, and it would be annoying to have to check out stats on Safari while using Chrome for everything else.

If you know anything about why Stat Counter isn’t working in Chrome, please let me know. I want to keep on using the company’s services.

*** 1:00pm update: It appears that the issue has been resolved ***


  1. This is interestig as I have had numerous troubles using the internet so far today and I use chrome. I was just saying here how the internet is having an off-day.

  2. They maybe under an attack – Hackers write code that continually accesses the site…it’s called “denial of service.” That may explain why no error message. I just hope that someone there knows what’s going on.

  3. StatCounter is a great traffic tool. You can watch many of your websites for SEO purposes.

    There are times the system experiences random problems, but it is rare. It works in Chrome, Safari and the other browsers. You can also use your IPhone to check data.

    Try it again. SC is the best real-time stat tool.

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