Sonia Doubet Teams Up With Mike Mann Again at Domain Market


Over the last several years, I’ve done quite a bit of business with Buy Domains. For a couple of years, I worked with Sonia Doubet when I needed to purchase a domain name from the company. I understand she was one of the top brokers at the company, and I always enjoyed  working with her, even if we couldn’t strike a deal.

When I first started working with Sonia, I learned that she wasn’t based in NameMedia’s Waltham, Massachusetts headquarters, and that was because she was a legacy employee of the company that was founded by Mike Mann. In fact, Sonia started her tenure at Buy Domains in May of 2003.  I was disappointed last year when I learned Sonia left the company (although I now enjoy working with Aaron Visaggio).

I recently inquired about and ultimately purchased a domain name from Mike Mann’s Domain Market. During the negotiation phase of this deal, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Sonia. It turns out that she has once again teamed up with Mike Mann, and she is a top broker for him once again.

Mike is very happy to have Sonia working on his team again. “Sonia has worked with me for a long time and has done a great job for her many happy customers, a consummate professional,”he told me.

Having employees you trust is essential when building a business. It looks like Mike made a wise move in re-hiring Sonia for his startup.


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