Seeking Prime .US Domain Names

I am looking to get my feet wet in the ccTLD marketplace. I have very limited knowledge about the space, but I am learning as much as I can. That said, I am interested in possibly acquiring some great .US domain names. I am not looking for long tail keywords but would like pricing and information about one and two word keyword .US domain names such as:

If you have names like these, please email me or post a comment with the names and prices. Again, I am only looking for prime .US domain names.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. .US is for losers ! Just like .mobi ! Just kidding Elliot. πŸ™‚

    I think you are wise to look for premium ones b/c if you assemble too many “good” ones and not “premium” ones then the renewals will bite you is the rear if you are not selling some of them.

  2. You should get quite a few emails elliot,

    With some great names,

    Plenty of good .us names out there for sale at very good prices.

    Good luck with your search,

  3. Would you make an offer on names,

    Lets say i send you 10 names, all within your requirements (i hope) πŸ™‚ ?

    Let me know if you would make offers, to see where we could go.


  4. @Dot us would probably be more up my alley. I would want names that can be made into directories or are e-commerce related. I really don’t know much about values for .us names, and I need to do more research before making offers. I would prefer if people sent me names with their asking prices for consideration.

  5. Hey Elliot good stuff. ccTLDs make sense everywhere; fact that USA has to date overlooked it’s own ccTLD makes for nice opportunity and matches current/future emphasis on local and geo development, and meaningful TLDs.

  6. We have lots of good .us (some 1 word, but mostly 2 words generic and geo) domains and have sold all so far in minimum 4-figures. They are good bet, just go for them.

  7. I own

    It was approved to be in a Bido auction later this month. Exact date still tbd, but I was told mid-to-late May. It would most likely be cheaper than purchasing direct.

  8. MiniNotebook(s).us: $4k BIN for 2 (singular dn: Cost/Click: $0.78-$3.08, 20 Advertisers, 13 Mln Search Results, Plural dn: $0.75- $2.84 Cost/Click, 20 advertisers, 15.8 Mln Search Results)

    MobileCoupon(s).us: $4k BIN for 2 (Cost/Click: $0.63- $2.08 5 Advertisers, 10.6 Mlm Search Results-singular dn. plural: 20 advertisers, 20.2 Mln Search Results)

    4 for $7k

    (Stats via SpyFu)

  9. You sure you only want .us. I’ve got Doctors in another ccTLD would sell for cheap. I saw you listed Doctors in your examples.

  10. SaltwaterFish dot us – 255 advertisers. PontoonBoat dot us sold recently for $500 with a quarter of the advertisers and about the same CPC. SaltwaterFish is a great category killer name with lots and lots of uses. BIN: $1500.

  11. I have , and – these are awesome names – you won’t find anything this good anywhere else.

  12. @theoretical
    Gordon doesn’t even have these.
    All available for reg fee. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Elliot,

    Here are my best .us domains :– , , , ,

    Email me which you are interested in and I will discuss prices.

    Dave Bhatia

  14. Hi El-Silver,

    I don’t have much, but they could be directory or consumer based.. or quick flips. I think… – $99 – $199 – $299 – $99 – $299 – $499 – $399

    All of them for $1,200 obo. Hey, I’m easy!

    Remember too, you can build some serious pre-content on these domains by building parking them through WhyPark first… to get them prepped for SE indexing. Like I have to tell you that. lol

    cheers good buddy

  15. Hi Elliot. Nice to see the .us starting to get the attention it deserves.

    Full list available at DNJUNKY.COM

  16. Hi Elliot,

    We haven’t spoken for a while but I just read about your interest in .us domains. This maybe on the late side, but I thought I’d let you decide. I believe these domains fit your requirements and rather than price individually, I’ve set it up as follows:

    Minimal purchase of any 10 domains for $10K total
    Next minimal purchase of any next 10 for $5K totla
    Balance individually for $250 each.

    You can always reach me at 403-249-6338 for any discussions.

    Best Regards,

    Bruce McLeod

    List is broken down by various headings starting with Health Care:

    Health Care


    Real Estate



    Real Estate

    Good Fit ‘US’ Domains


  17. Hi, Elliott!

    First off, thanks for the great articles.

    I got one here for your consideration:

    You can search it on Google and use various Keyword Tools (Keyworddiscovery, Adwords Keyword Tool, Yahoo) you get the same results/picture – very high advertiser competition (100% in AKT). Well, who does not use any type of supplement?

    A very profitable domain covering 2 very popular niches – food and health. You could develop a website on it to sell all kinds of supplements making use of affiliate programs and upgrade memberships to avail of occasional discounts and promos, or just use it to build a directory.

    Other domains with the “cheap” prefix:


    Looking for offers in the x,xxx range.

    Thank you and more power!

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