Sedo Brokers for $1 Million

DuduThe first publicly reported seven figure sale of the year was just announced by Sedo. The company successfully brokered to a  to a Dudu Communications, which operates a multilingual social network company called Dudu. The company currently uses for its website, so this is a much needed upgrade.

The acquiring company is based in Dubai, and it appears the former owner of appears to be based in China, according to previous  Whois records.

One of the most interesting aspects of the sale was that had not been on the market before it was acquired. Sedo’s domain acquisition team had to reach out on behalf of the buyer to make a deal happen. Fortunately for Dudu, the language difference was not a problem. According to Liesbeth Mack-de Boer, chief sales officer of Sedo, “Our team speaks 27 different languages, so we have the rare ability to handle any kind of negotiation around the globe. With our cultural competency and language abilities, Sedo stands out as being one of the most qualified, proficient and truly international domain marketplace leaders.”

Congratulations to the team at Sedo for earning this million dollar sale. It’s certainly a nice way to start the year.

It’s an illustration of how important the exact match domain name is for a brand. Recently, began forwarding to, although it is unknown if the domain name was acquired by the company.

Robin Wauters at TechCrunch appears to be the first to cover the news  this morning.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. While dudu is fully pronounceable in my native language (not English), how good a name is this for English-speaking countries?

    Wouldn’t something like be better? Seems there is some kind of exciting project coming up there as well by the way…

    Anyway, congratulations to seller. What a sale!

  2. This sale also shows how much more a domain name becomes worth when someone uses something similar and doesn’t upgrade to the brand domain name before launch, and how much a domain can be worth when it’s not officially for sale.

  3. > upgrade to the brand domain name before launch

    presumably they did try but the price must have been extortionate then too (if somewhat less so).

    Although I’m inclined to be slightly curious. $1 million gives much nicer headlines than $950k doesn’t it. Or maybe some Sheikh billionaire really did buy it.

  4. Amazing if this had sold during a sedo auction for $5k nobody would even blink an eye, seller must not have wanted to sell, it was basically make me an offer I can’t refuse. is owned by Emirates based company as well, seems like this term means to call out or summons…

    • @ Raman

      Sometimes there is little rhyme or reason.

      If I am content in my apartment, and a wealthy guy buys the two apartments next to mine and wants to expand to mine, I am sure the price to buy mine would be significantly more than market value.

      In the case of the domain name sale, the price is derived from the buyer’s need vs. the seller’s desire to sell.

  5. Перспективный проект,думаю,в ближайшем будущем он сумеет занять свое место в нише среди других популярных соц.сетей

  6. the fact of the matter is short domain names are in

    high high high demand in any of the credible extensions like


    precisely for the business building power

    they have. And .Co even more so for its entrepreneurial slant of course.

  7. The $1 million dollar sale shows how any domain name can sell at outrageous prices. It’s obvious the Dubai company with the name has money to throw away. In my opinon, was a better buy at a much better price for a company based out of the same location.

    IMO, the company showed they can afford to overspend. They’ll get free marketing, so I suppose the site will attract more visitors to move under 100K on Alexa. Without traffic and domain age, the $1 million paid was a terrible deal. It is a 4 character aged dot com with some searxh value.

    However, the domain is not worth more than $100K. Retain your exact match domains because you deserve a big domain sale too.

  8. The price is derived from a seller overpricing their domain. There is no comparative sales for a mediocre keyword. IMO, the seller probably knew that Dudu would overpay since they can research their annual revenue and desperation to acquire the domain.

    Any domainer who believes this domain deserves a $1 million price tag is dreaming. This domain sale is another example of another company overpaying to get their name.

    The domain does have age, traffic, is short, a dot com and is the company’s name. The domain is not worth $1 million. It’s not that impressive of a sale.

    I own an aged 4 character dot com which is the exact abbreviation of a top computer chip maker in Europe. I suppose I’ll sit on the domain. Better yet, have Sedo broker the domain at an outrageous price. Would definitely improve my situtation and help me to contribute more to help others.

  9. @NoobWorld you’re just mad you cannot sale one of your domain name for the price. If it was your DN you wouldn’t be complaining. Get over it!!


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