Domain for Sale


I am looking to sell, and the asking price is $8,800. The domain name has a registration date of September 1997, and it is currently registered at Network Solutions.

Although my wife is in the Psychology field, she is not going to become a school psychologist. This is a fairly popular profession, and there is an organization for school psychologists: National Association of School Psychologists.

According to US News, a School Psychologist was one of the Best Careers in 2009. I would imagine this domain name could be used as a site to give information about the profession and provide information about how to become a school psychologist (ie lead generation for schools and grad school prep courses). It could also be used as a resource for school psychologists to find jobs and career information.

First to post “sold” will get the domain name.

Since this is a sales post, I am not permitting comments (good or bad).


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