Rick Schwartz Polling on Asheville Meetup


Rick Schwartz hosted a domain investor meetup in late Summer in Asheville, North Carolina. I heard it was well attended for a relatively small gathering, and I also heard from several attendees who went and had an enjoyable time talking about domain names. I was riding in the PMC on that weekend, so I was unable to attend this year.

Yesterday, Rick posted a Twitter poll asking people if they would attend the event in Asheville next year, assuming a cost of approximately $700/person. I am unsure if that figure includes corporate sponsorships that helped defray the cost, but I assume that was the approximate per person total including sponsorship funding.

Depending on the weekend the event is held, I would definitely consider attending. My family already has late Summer plans to visit the mountains and a lake about an hour from Asheville, and it would be an easy enough drive for me to attend. I wouldn’t, however, make two trips to North Carolina in the Summer because it’s not the easiest place for me to travel to from Boston.

Let Rick know if you would go to the event next year. To get your reply directly in front of Rick, direct a reply to him on Twitter. If you don’t use Twitter, I am sure he will read comments here as well:


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