Rick Latona’s Live Auction at Phoenix Forum


Rick Latona is running a live auction starting now. You can watch a live video feed of the auction at Domaining.com, and you can also easily bid online at http://proxybid.com/ricklatona.   The auction is taking place at The Phoenix Forum, and it features primarily adult domain names and services.

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  1. Wow! Apart from StripClubs.com that auction was an absolute failure!

    I bet Rick could have actually lost some serious money on it.

    Bummer for the industry.

    • @ Troy

      I had to sign off after a half hour, so I am not sure of the results. I know that the adult conference have been tough to sell domain names. StripClubs.com was my favorite name on the list though.

  2. It’s not the economy that’s dampened the adult market, cause people are viewing porn more than ever. It’s all the fricking free pics and videos that have saturated the Net to the point of insanity. No matter what your fetish you can find tens of millions of top quality free content to last you a lifetime of self enjoyment LOL.

    Seriously I don’t know what the hell the adult sector was thinking when they moved to the free free free business model. It was a suicidal decision. Conversions are in the tank and the only guys doing really big numbers still are the programs with years of built up rebills where people for whatever reason never cancel their subscription even when no longer using a site or if you’re shaving like a chainsaw on tens of thousands of webmasters.

  3. where can we see the results?

    Random question – how does Moniker make money from attending all these adult conferences? Do all these adult companies have hundreds of domains they manage, or is it about finding names to sell or what? It’s got to be expensive to go to all those shows…

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