Report Spoof Emails to Go Daddy


It seems like once or twice a week that I receive a spoofed Go Daddy email pretending to be the company. Sometimes it’s a fake account update, and more often, it’s a ICANN Whois update notice. The key thing is that the emails say “Dear User,” when Go Daddy always personalizes the email. I suppose someone could easily customize these emails and send it personalized, but the intro is usually the dead giveaway.

Instead of deleting these illegal phishing emails that want me to enter my account information and password, I send them immediately to my account manager, the Go Daddy Legal Department, and the GoDaddy Abuse Department. This allows the company to investigate the source of the spam email and hopefully shut it down ASAP so nobody has their domain names stolen.

If you receive what you suspect is a fake GoDaddy email, you should forward it to and so they can investigate. Not only will they tell you if the email happens to be real, but you can also help prevent domain theft as well.


    • Dear CJ,
      It is great to see GoDaddy have enough resources to have their own social media team responding to posts like this. I just wish GoDaddy would actually do something about this issue and not just address the PR mess.

      This page on the Godaddy website , points to a GoDaddy “abuse report center” page. (Here is the page for your convenience). The page offers several links to report abuse based on the type of email abuse (i.e. phishing, spam, malware etc). That is all great, only problem is, someone at GoDaddy, apparently decided no one really needs to report anything otherwise why would they disable all the links (check the page if you think i am kidding).

      So great job at preventing a PR issue but i wish GoDaddy spends as much resources making sure users out there are actually able to report spam and for goDaddy for follow up on this.

      I look forward to see these links active again.

      No need to reply with the usual “i apologize, bla bla… just fix this.


    • Hey Yossi,

      What browser are you using? What error do you get? I just tried the Abuse Center Page in Chrome and all the submission links appear to be working for me at this time.


      GoDaddy Social Team

  1. I just tried to report a suspicious email I received from some strange email address posing as I did a search for spoof email for Godaddy and got the link to the site to report it. When I attempted to add the requested information I got a lot of bad format notices. I am entering the information I received in headers and email from them just as they appear by coping and pasting and all I keep getting is bad format messages! How frustrating is that!

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