Reach Out & Ask a Domain Investor


As the saying goes, “ask and you shall receive,” can be applied towards speaking with entrepreneurs, including domain investors. Have you ever wondered how Richard Douglas was building some of the features on Have you seen Adam Strong’s name in the DNN masthead and wondered, what the heck does Adam do other than write news articles for Domain Name News? Want to know how Warren Royal became the king of bobblehead dolls?

Fortunately, these questions can easily be emailed directly to the source of your answers.

One of the greatest things about the domain industry is that just about every person is accessible, and most are happy to share information with others. There are obviously questions that would be off limits, but you wouldn’t go asking these questions of someone at a private party either. If you tell the person who you are, what you are up to, and ask nicely, you will probably receive a thoughtful response.

The Whois directory is good for more than just domain look ups. It can also be used to find out the company name and contact information for people in the domain business. Check out their corporate websites (if applicable) and send an email if you have questions. Don’t expect to receive an answer, and don’t be rude if you don’t get one either. Although many people like to remain private or are too busy to give a thoughtful response, there are others who will happily answer questions.

Just one piece of advice – from someone who has made the mistake of doing this and someone who is frequently on the receiving end of this – don’t start off a conversation by trying to sell something.


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