At What Price Will Sell? (Poll)


Yesterday afternoon, I reported that Heritage Auctions will be selling the domain name on behalf of Mark Karples, founder of Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. The auction will take place on July 24th, and it can be found on The official reserve price will be revealed by HA on July 17th, but Aron Meystedt of Heritage Auctions informed me that “the reserve is between $500K and $1MM.”

I am curious about the price at which you think this domain name will sell. There have been some solid Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related domain name sales in the last year, and some might say that is the best domain name for a company involved in the Bitcoin space.

I posted this poll below to get your take on the sale price for the domain name:


  1. Whatever it goes for will be way over valued . Whilst an online currency may be good ‘Bitcoin’ names are massively over priced.

    Then again if they want to part with their money so easily who am I to grumble .

    • @stuart walker It can go either way. Bitcoin can end up being be the de facto digital currency of choice and current prices perceived as “cheap”, or just a notable early pioneer (e.g. Lycos, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves) and current prices recalled as a “bubble”. No one truly knows at this point; time will tell.

  2. What can you expect from HA?
    Option A: It will sell after unsuccessful auction for much lower amount.
    Option B: Zero, Nada, Null, Zip, Zilch, …

  3. I have a hunch there may be some pro-Bitcoin famous people who are watching this one and may bid aggressively for this domain.

  4. I don’t think there is a hottest more trending domain at the moment…
    The uncertainty still there and plays a big ‘fear’ factor, one day there is good news next day there is bad news (money laundering, black markets, untraceable transactions, bad news of all source etc etc) otherwise the potential for the domain is enormous and absent the bad news and uncertainty we could be talking ‘easily’ of an 8 digit domain.

    The word/term is here to stay…
    I foresee some Big Media coverage for the auction and that will be great news for Blue chip Dot Com domains.

    I’ll be very surprise if it doesn’t sell.

  5. If this were at Sedo, Igloo, or MediaOptions, with an experienced domain broker hustling to get the word out, I think it could fetch over $1MM. As it is, I’m not sure it will move. If things weren’t so unstable with the currency itself, for the right buyer, I’d think a $500k reserve would be reasonable. Or a little low.

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