Postmark Secures Domain Name


Postmark, an email delivery provider founded in 2010, has been operating on the domain name. It looks like Postmark has secured its brand match domain name, according to a tweet from Jamie Zoch:

Prior to what appears to be an acquisition of the domain name, had been owned by Evite, according to Whois history records at DomainTools. Within the last week, the domain name transferred from MarkMonitor to Google’s domain registrar, where it is now registered under privacy proxy.

At the time of publication, the company is forwarding to its website found on By securing its brand match .com domain name, the company doesn’t really need to change its domain name. It can use as a forwarder and even email if it desires, all without having to take the Google search engine ranking risk of switching domain names.

The acquisition price of is not currently known, but I will reach out to Evite and Postmark to see if either company is willing to share this information.


  1. Lol why would any company release financial details to a guy named Jamie Zoch, he has cold emailed us a few times over the years. No reason to disclose info to random dude online. sorry to say, nothing personal.

  2. Any company using a or .app domain has a major branding problem. The word is both superfluous and restrictive, even would be better.

    • Practically, I don’t think .app would cause branding problems. Most of the time, only new TLD naysayers would think so.

      And to me, my***.com is not any better.

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