Pocahontas.com Forwarding to ElizabethWarren.com
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Pocahontas.com Forwarding to ElizabethWarren.com


Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has referred to US Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” and it looks like someone is playing a domain name prank on the Senator from Massachusetts.

After reading about this  nickname, I was curious to see  who owns Pocahontas.com and how a domain name like that is  being used. When I typed Pocahontas.com into my browser, I was forwarded to ElizabethWarren.com, the campaign website for Senator  Warren (who happens to be my US Senator).

Whois records for Pocahontas.com are private, so it is unclear who currently owns the domain name.  It is also unclear why the owner chose to use this domain name in this manner.

Interestingly, Donald Trump also experienced this kind of domain name pranking / trolling. Earlier this year, Loser.com was forwarding to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page. Loser.com is no longer forwarding and currently resolves to a registrar landing page.

It often seems that domain names become a major topic of conversation during the long Presidential election process. Domain names  seem to allow citizens to become more involved in the election process.

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    Sell HIGh!! AND DOT com is KING!!

    May 31st, 2016 at 1:16 pm


    Check out the distortional.com redirect.

    June 1st, 2016 at 2:54 pm

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