Nice For Sale Landing Page


I stumbled across a domain name “for sale” landing page, and I wanted to share it with you because I think it seems effective.

From my experience, many domain buyers don’t know about the Whois directory, and the way they check to see if a domain name is available to buy is by visiting that domain name. If they see a “for sale” link, they are likely to click it for more information. In my opinion, the more clear it is that a domain name is for sale, the better.

I wanted to share a very nice looking landing page that I think can be effective in selling domain names. When you have a chance, check out in a new window. I don’t know the owner, but I think it’s a nice lander.

The landing page makes it very clear that the domain name is for sale, and there aren’t PPC links to distract someone from making an offer for the domain name.

Here’s what I like about this particular landing page:

Very clear that the domain name is for sale
It’s easy for a buyer to get in touch with the seller directly message shows that it will be easy to transact and the seller is using a legit escrow service
There are different language options to help a buyer that doesn’t speak English
It was wise to include a privacy policy since email addresses will be collected

I understand that not having PPC links will ensure that a domain name doesn’t earn any revenue. However, on many domain names, there isn’t much traffic and certainly no revenue. Why not make it abundantly clear that the domain name is for sale if that’s the intent?

One issue for many people would be that having landing pages like these can be a bit more time consuming because they would probably have to be designed, and then created, hosted, and uploaded for each name. If you get a VPS hosting plan, you could probably host them fairly inexpensively, and it’s not a whole lot of time or money to do. If you have many names for sale, you might even consider testing out different landing page designs to make sure your efforts are maximized.

I am thinking about doing this on some of my names and thought I’d share what I think is a pretty solid set-up.


  1. i can’t tell you how may times i’ve typed in only to find nothing. imagine my surprise and delight after seeing that. (sarcasm emoticon placed here) actually it is a good sale lander. needs an all purpose ad too, make 5 cents everytime somebody lands there but that’s a talk for another day.

  2. I like that it also lists the potential benefit of ownership – “to start a new business, create a blog, or promote your business and services, it starts with owning to grow your web presence” – Might push someone take the extra moment to inquire on the name.

  3. The “Check Messages” feature is a superb idea.

    You can check if you missed any email messages in response to your inquiry or offer.

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