NameJet Announces Scheduled Maintenance


During  the past couple of weeks, NameJet has been experiencing some technical problems, which led to unexpected downtime for the platform. Unfortunately, this caused some issues for people trying to place backorders and bids while the website was down.

This morning, the company emailed customers to announce planned downtime “to improve the performance of the NameJet platform.” The downtime will happen tomorrow, and it is scheduled to be completed a couple of hours prior to the daily backorder deadline. The company stated that if the maintanence takes longer than expected, they will send updates to customers.

It might be a good idea to place backorders ahead of time tomorrow just in case (or if you typically place them during the hours the website will be inoperable). The entire email sent by NameJet is below:

Dear NameJet Customer,

Due to recent technical issues and in an effort to improve the performance of the NameJet platform, we will be conducting planned maintenance Friday, July 17, 2015. This maintenance is currently scheduled to occur between the hours of 2:00PM-6:00PM PDT, at which point the website, platform and various API’s will be inoperable. Once the maintenance is completed, the platform will return to being fully operational. If the maintenance is going to take longer than anticipated we will look provide updates via email and/or via Twitter ( and Facebook ( We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.


  1. My question is why maintenance is during the middle of the day. I love Namejet and I love Rightside (I am a stock owner) but big projects like that need to be done when nobody is using the system and late at night in my opinion. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does an all nighter is in order. Should be done 2 AM to 6 AM pacific.

  2. Hi Shane,

    Great question. And we love you too, man. 🙂

    We considered doing it overnight, but it really wasn’t an option. Largely because we have certain automated processes that are essentially hard-coded and are difficult to change or adjust. Basically, “behind-the-scenes” processes that get all of the auctions started and things like that take place overnight.

    Also, doing this work during the day means we will have more technical resources available if needed. Plus, we have a lot of overseas customers and an overnight outage would be disruptive for them, so no matter when we have it some people will be impacted.

    Ideally we will get everything done quickly and finish well in advance of the end of the backorder period on Friday, so the disruption will be minimal. And this maintenance should have the platform working as well as ever, so we think it will all be worth it.

    Thanks for bringing this up – I’m sure other people were wondering the same thing!


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