My Recent Acquisitions

We’re heading into the weekend, so I thought it would be fun to do another recent  acquisition  post, highlighting some of the domain names my company bought in the last few weeks. As always, you are welcome to share your  acquisitions  as well.

These names were either acquired in private or won at auction:


These names were hand registered:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


    • Plenty of EMDs weren’t impacted due to the quality of content and the websites, so the value is still there for a buyer. In addition to Google, EMDs can serve as a standalone, authoratative brand.

    • The last time you wrote about your acquisitions the subject of EMDs came up and I said that a domain I bought was ranking on page 1, bottom result, of google with no content.

      I have now added content and within about 2-3 weeks I am now up to 5th, 0 SEO undertaken. I will add this is a gaming term with high competition.

      What’s even more interesting, but expected as I have seen this before, is that my click through rate is currently running at the percentage you would expect for being ranked 2nd for this term. People typing in the search are far more likely to click on the EMD.

      The last time I posted people were saying its the google dance etc, I couldn’t be bothered to argue the point based on other results of EMDs I have worked on.

      If you put high quality content on a .com EMD its going to rank highly, there’s no ifs, buts or maybes.

  1. Good choices. I smell a sale on some of those!

    Here are a few of my own:

    Hoping the Real Estate
    domains pay off too! ;>)

    • Rob

      Slow down…you’re going to fast. Don’t register these types of names unless you plan on building them out. But even then that’s only half the battle. You must then build your brand and it’s not easy nor cheap.

      The names you hear and read about from these blogs takes skill, experience, and most of all money and not bought because they are available and affordable at only $2.95.

      You will never sell these names to anyone so stop, look and listen before you get overextended.

  2. Slow month for me with the hand registrations, but got these…

  3. Elliot- are you all moved in and settled in Boston? How is it adjusting froom NY? Blog an update for your readers! Hope everything went smooth.

    Recent acquisitions: + a few other IVF egg freezing domains. $6k-$15k cost to do this as of right now, whats a lead worth? : )I’ll be attending this party. Until Adam Dicker comes and buys 3000 names related to this niche ; ) He’s a beast.

  4. You’re the one who won!! I watched it at TRAFFIC auction – that was a bargain, IMO! Congrats! 😀

    It’s hard to believe TarrytownMortgage was available for hand reg! My hand regs are all dot com:

    CrossController (to go with HybridRemote)

    • Can’t believe you people don’t like,, just like I can’t believe it was available.

      You people don’t like gaming? Cross Controller represents the 8th generation of gaming devices, to follow the xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii, which allows you to use the console as a controller for games played on the TV screen. Sonly already released its successor to Playstation 3, the PS Vita:

      I don’t want to argue with you people. I JUST don’t want to argue.

    • just because there is a product that shares the name of your domain name, doesn’t mean there is a commercial usage (value) in the domain name. I would assume if there was value, you will know it by the offers you receive.

    • Yeah, but it’s worth a hand reg, right? This is the only way to get into a big category with a generic via hand reg, to register it BEFORE it gets talked up in the press, that I can think of. Rick Schwartz did pretty well, buying SmartGlasses for $4500.00, but I can’t think of another way to get ground level without taking a chance.

      We’ll see. If I didn’t already study and invest in these niches: responsive tv, multi screen, dual screen, wireless mirroring, hybrid remote, I wouldn’t have noticed Cross Controller, but it fits my plan.

    • Agree Louise, Cross Controller gets 8,100 search hits pm. I’m not much of a gamer, so have not heard about it, as long as it’s not a trade make infringement {with respect, I’m sure it isn’t} then congrats.
      Domainers can’t know everything everywhere, so you will get subjective remarks.

    • @ WebnameSales, Thanx for saying something positive! 😀 Just happened upon your comment in the sidebar, or I never would have found it . . .

  5. – hand reg. – hand reg!! – earlier this year. Mike Mann’s recent sale of made me smile. I like mine better. 🙂
    Immobiliè – Real Estate in French

  6. Elliot, speaking of G’s EMD update, could you share some of insight on how your EMD keyword micro-sites have fared in the SERPS?, (such as

    My Aquistions in past 2 months: – hand reg – hand reg – Hand Reg

    All the following from GD Auctions:

    • Just checked on the bull name… It’s not earning much, presumably due to the low quality content. IMO, the EMD update targeted low quality websites on EMDs rather than EMDs in general.

    • LOL, Nick, Nick, Nick. Tsk. Tsk.

      You have to fight that temptation man! The other night I almost bought . (prolly still avail) and said no. I’m better then that (by just a little!!), however, Self control is king lol! I let it go.

      Dying to see who buys ! ;>)

  7. As an FYI, the winners so far in terms of Estibot valuation (I personally like the valuations as an easy relative measure, not a literal $ number)

    Tony… $230,000
    Elliot… $106,000
    Elliot… $15,000

  8. Solid names – I too like the Aspen reg.

    Here are a few recent acquisitions:

  9. Don’t forget to visit Texas Roadhouse next time in Nashua on Amherst St.

    Have been real busy regging GTLD service names
    about 140 others

    • GTLD domains are only good for domainers…buying, selling, servicing among domainers…and thats why the value will remain very low for a domain with the word GTLD.

      And most GTLD owners are NOT going to be domainers…they are going to be the general public.

      GTLDS came out because of shortage of dot com domains…most dot com domains are owned by domainers…this will not be the case with GTLDs.

      Therefore, i say the value of a domain name with the word GTLD is almost worthless.

      An average Joe on the street does not know what a GTLD is and will never know that term…but they will register GTLDs because of shortage of dot coms.

      To understand this…you need to understand this famous quote by Rick Schwartz.

      “When you see John Jones thru John Jones eyes, you will sell John Jones what John Jones buys”

      and John Jones will own tons of GTLDs, but will never know what the term GTLD is…therefore there is no value.

      Good Luck.

  10. New here. Been struggling at sites for a while. I’m just probably at the wrong place (go daddy). Bought and sold a few but I’m wondering how exactly you shop your sites after the purchase or do you just sit on em on one of those instant pages and try to monetize and make buyers come to you?

    Recent buys/owns

    What do you guys think about my current group here? More than happy taking lowball offers since I just got done saying I’m struggling at website turning/running.

    Any real assessments would be appreciated

    • I am sorry, but I don’t understand what the names mean, let alone what the value in them is. I almost exclusively buy keyword domain names (as you can see above) so perhaps someone else sees the value in these domain names (why someone would pay you more than you paid).

    • Agreed with ES. sorry but you have a recipe for a bust with that collection. Save your $ and but 1 single .com of superior quality for under $3k…or put 100% effort into a single non-keyword name an build a brand.

  11. Some new ones I have

    You know there will be someone that wants to make an Ebook or something on how to make money off the new gTLDs

  12. Jeez- $3,000? I was happy buying sites for 5-$8 and selling for $30. Profit is profit. I use my % discount wisely.., and I’m into that list for no more than $160. I’ve made bigger mistakes. Probably this week

    • You certainly don’t need to spend $3k on a name, but I think Nick’s point was that instead of buying 300 names at $10/each, that will cost $10/each year to renew, you may be better off buying one more expensive name.

      Different amounts of risk and reward though of course.

      Took me a while to buy my first $1k name.

  13. So, I’ve been doing this for awhile. My best sale was for & for Both sold for nice cash.

    I’d like to hit again like either one of those. Anyone here hit for over 20k recently? I have a few that are def. worth it, but the market seems soft. Not getting great bids on names like , , , , etc… as much as last year. It’s bewildering.

    Any thoughts on the recent lag in our domain sales business?

  14. With so much junk being hand-regged I think I’m going to start off a registrar of my own and I may call it “ComeDaddy”!

    PS-It never ceases to amaze me how English language has been misused by the domainers!

  15. I can’t believe you picked up Elliot, nice buy.

    Just hand registered GTLDOMAINING.COM , will put it on Afternic. See how we go.


  16. Here we go again…

    BS domains=”BullS” useless websites

    All websites have 2 main function:

    -provide BS info that you don’t need


    — always always wanting you to spend MONEY!!! or to get money from you.

  17. Hi Everyone! Elliot, great info on your site – I’ve got a lot to learn. A few names which I’ve just started to work on again…

    • Despite the low search volume for the exact match term – I think is decent.

      I just saw your price tag though and I think you’ll struggle to find a buyer at that price.

      If you price sky-high you may get a bite eventually (or not) – but you’ll be stuck with holding costs and unless you’re well financed and holding top-tier domains – it’s not a strategy that will play out well.

      Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth.


    99% of the names on this comment thread are worthless crap. You are bragging about a race LOST from the get go.

    I used to own crap like that and tried to sell it. Nobody bought it. I try to develop it. Nobody visited. So I learned to drop, as much as I learned to buy. You are holding on to a business liability and your money is better spent feeding a homeless kid for only the cost of 2 REG’s a month!!

    A few things to think about when you buy a domain:
    (@Elliot, you probably already blogged about this but I think one can never drill deep enough… You’ve paid your dues and obviously know on what domains to invest in, some nice catches on your list 🙂

    Ok, so here we go:

    – How much do you know about the industry on the domain you’re buying?
    – Do you have a clear plan for the domain you are buying?
    – Sell or develop?
    – Sell to another domainer or to a end-user?
    – Do you have a strategy to find end-users?
    – Do you have a strategy for reaching out to end-users?
    – Are you familiar with other end-user sales in the same industry to help you gage the value on your domain and ask for the right price?
    – Are end-users in that industry even interested or understand what domains are, as an SEO asset?
    – Will you need to educate the end-user?
    – Do you know enough to do it?
    – How and where do you get the supporting data?
    – Is the domain a brandable or a searched for, single or set of keywords?
    – Is it spelled absolutely correctly? (not backwards, sideways, with extra ‘S’s” “I’s” or “X’s”) – Is it plural when singular is best, or singular when plural works best?
    – Do you have domains on similar categories?
    – Is it a .com, or at least a TLD in which the domain fits well?
    – Have you defined your investment niches and does the domain fit on any?
    – Are you familiar with the stats on the keywords (if any)?
    – Do you really believe someone out there will come out of the woods in this stage of the economy, and give you many times over what you paid for your brandable domain name? – the news about these sales are exceptions – not the rule.
    – How many of these bets on brandables are you making? – if it’s the majority of your portfolio – get ready to loose some cash.
    – For how long are you willing to hold on to your domain before you let it drop?
    – How long does it take you to research, find and reach a list of potential buyers?
    – Is your time on that specific domain worth it?

    — i could go on and on.. and on…… and on… and don’t get me going on a check list for domain developing… It get’s technical, extensive and somewhat expensive.

    Doing the research and finding the hidden gems, or participating on the right auction at the right time, with just the right amount and type of bidders, takes a lot of experience. Not luck. Are you investing on luck alone??

    WAKE UP!! Do your homework on every domain you buy and stop buying crap.

  19. Elliot,

    Your focus on Mortgage is spot on. Your domains will definitely generate lots of leads for end users. That’s the key – providing value to your customers.

    Here’s a few of my recent grabs:

    The biggest thing I’ve learned from your blog is that you have to provide value to the end users. It has completely changed my mindset and I am seeing results.

    Thanks for everything 🙂

    – Tarik Pierce

    • in Mexico the extention and .mx are #1 lately exemples to check:

      this blog its about domains or its exclusive to talk only of the .com sold for 30,000 usd ; )

  20. I would not accept most of the domains in this thread I was offered them for free.

    Are all you people SERIOUS?!!!

    This is not how “domaining” works.

    I’m not a big time domainer, but do have a portfolio of about a thousand domains, all hand picked.

    I really feel for all you people. You’re basically SQUANDERING your money on domains that no one will buy and are basically worthless.

    For those reading my comment…I encourage you to LOOK at the domains in this thread. Seriously?!!! I believe the “get rich quick” virus has taken a hold of you if you think they have any value.

    It’s real money we’re talking about here even if it’s only $10 to obtain it. And then there’s the annual renewal fee. You’re putting chains and shackles around your ankles with these purchases. Spend the money on your family and loved ones. Don’t throw it all away like this.

    Again, LOOK at the domains in this thread.

    I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole let alone PAY FOR THEM?!!!

    • Hello Vegas Lover – not a big time domainer and you have a portfolio of a thousand domains??? Wow, that qualifies as big time to me.

      I think that eventually the economics of holding domains that are not producing and which are in a portfolio that is not turning over at a profit will eventually bring someone to a new reality. Obviously this is a business that has a low barrier to entry – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

      Perhaps you would share a few of your insights on how to make a portfolio profitable? I for one would feel better if you didn’t wave that ten foot pole my way – especially when I don’t know why.

  21. For some, one part of the web work represents ongoing funds. In my own case, I adapted what I did before domaining and shaped it into a great online business. It pays for the 300 + domains I have with ease and I have had
    great results for 1/6 dozen or so top level domains, so I can’t complain at all. 1 even bought me an RV a couple of years back so my advice is learn as you go, budget if you must to keep from getting over stocked on useles virtual property that makes little to no sense.
    Keywords are smart. Sit down with a thesaurus and have at it. Use that creative side of your brain!

    But don’t stop exploring and keeping current. That’s what makes this all interesting. Make domains that
    make some sense and keep marketing it to who you think would use it. It happens everyday!

    More of my domain grabs:

    Just keep working at it.


  22. I also have the following: &

    So again, if they make some sense, they likely will appeal to a buyer somewhere along the way.

  23. Not that I want it to happen, as I’ll be shooting my own foot too, but I think keyword .coms for the most part are going to start to fade significantly in 2013. Mobile search will surpass desktop search by end of ’13, combine this with SIRI, google on the touch screen, the ongoing google slap on EMD’s…I have not ever been as concerned as much 😮

  24. Some of our recent acquisitions:

  25. Is it just me?

    this blog post is hilarious, let me play it back.

    guy A says: I registered blah blah blah

    guy B, C, D and E comes along and says: hey those domains are crap

    guy F comes along and waxes lyrical about how to pick a great domain, the secret of his success, where everyone else is going wrong blah blah, and then lists some of his domains too..

    .. and guess what, they’re even crappier.

    LMFAO what is wrong with you people. Your credit cards need to be taken away from you.

    • Agreed.
      Came here to share ideas, and will continue to do so unless ejected by the moderator.
      In response though, I’ve found that a domain’s worth is in the eye of the beholder. When I sold recently, I had spent a couple of years trying to sell it. Turns out it went to a guy selling table top BBQ stoves in the Netherlands. I was thinking it would go to a carry out restaurant, but there ya go. You just never know who your domain name (s) will attract & sell to. So rather then tear someone down for they’re efforts, I say you go do what makes you happy. It’s your money. Listen to what advice that you can relate to and get out there and find another !

  26. Here are a few statistics and a few thoughts from a part time domainer:

    According the there are 27,757,676 small businesses in the US.
    According to the top 15 registrars hold 70,131,939 domain names.

    I keep this in mind when obtaining a new name.

    I have found that the easiest sell is to a company which does not yet have a domain name. However, they usually end up registering a new name and don’t buy one that is for sale – even if I package it with a complete website or other services.

    I have sold a few names to businesses who already had a domain name. They were name upgrades (by my definition) and their old name was dropped after about 2 years.

    I’ve sold 6 names to other domainers. 3 of them were never transferred away and then expired. 1 of the 6 was resold and is now a business. Last I checked the other 2 don’t resolve but were renewed.

    Like Rob Martin said in the above post – do what makes you happy.

  27. My honest opinion in your recent acquisitions:

    Your hand registrations are decent, but not that great. I suspect you’re speculating on “DDOS monitoring” since there are current security threats with using the cloud.

    New Rochelle is a small city in NY. IMO, you may already have a buyer (mortgage company) lined up to send the domain name. According to AdWords, Yonkers mortgage has limited searches. The city has a good population to increase interest.

    As for your premium purchases, Aspen Real Estate is a good acquisition. Colorado is growing into a competitive state, which makes Aspen a prime location for vacation homes.

    Galveston is located south of the most crime-ridden city in Texas. How long does it take to get robbed in Houston? Visit Houston so you can find out quickly.

    Contact Management and Aspen Real Estate are your two best auction wins. Don’t really see the value in “answering machines.” I’m sure you will likely sell the domain to an end-user.

    Only two domain names on your list have greater than 1,000+ exact searches. Some will say that searches don’t matter. However, data tells the truth when daily searches arrive in result of great keywords.

    In any case, I’m sure you have plans to sell the domain names. I doubt you make bad investments. Congrats on the MA move.

  28. @BetterDots – Nice stats. Small biz IS the lifeblood of the global economy.

    @”Critics” – Give it up lads. It beats knitting or collecting stamps!!

    People are just having fun, we’re not messin’ with your mind (or wallet) so chill out.

    Just reg’d: (on Afternic)

    Good luck with the move Elliot, keep your cool and you’ll keep your sanity.


    • Like
      (see if one of the presidentail candidates could use it!)

      I actually leased/rented the use of
      out to the O. campaign for X ammount of $’s until the 8th of Nov.

      It wasn’t allot of $ mind you, but I thought it was creative so I could get some return on it. ;>)

  29. {Cringe} I am keen to get some feedback, but just know i am about to get flamed lol…

    All are hand registered: and .mobi

    be gentle 🙂

    • @ jb as long as u r not depending on ur domain sales for food on the table..u r good 😉 and from ur good humor doesn’t seem like you are..

      Now ur turn to be gentle on me..wat do u think of mine..ha ha.

      Honest feedback:
      advise- tricky with advice
      nvsin- dunno..only cos its 5..if u can sell surely more that wat u got it for..
      droidpurse- comeon
      unique- hum hum
      just and prime – u cud get lucky

      But overall 🙁

    • @JB

      Great that you had the wisdom to take my joke seriously 🙂

      One very good way of learning what domains are worth buying/registering is to read the “completed domain sales thread” start to finish at “NamePros” – it may take you a while, but by the time you’ve finished reading it, I will assure you, you will not have wasted your time…. AND PLEASE FROM NOW UNTIL YOU’VE DONE THAT “STOP REGISTERING ANY MORE DOMAINS” — Good luck.


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