My Picks for the Webfest Auction


The Webfest Global live auction is tomorrow, and I want to share my top five picks. There are some pretty solid names at fair reserves, and I think it will do pretty well. is my favorite name in the auction, and the price seems reasonable for a top tourist destination.

You can bid on the auction via your SnapNames account, or you can bid in person. The auction runs  Wednesday, February 6, from  4:00 – 5:30 Pacific (7:00 – 8:30 Eastern). If you aren’t available to bid on the auction, you can pre-bid right up until the start of the auction.

Top five picks:


What are your favorite domain names in this auction?


    • Agree on Bali. Great tourist location and seems like a reasonable price, especially due to the high cost of getting there (from the US) and staying in luxury digs.

      I am not there either. I rented a ski house shortly before Oversee announced the dates and I didn’t want to change my plans.

      I’ll be at TRAFFIC in Vegas though.

  1. I say Bali, but I’m biased. I’d like to see it garner a healthy sum, because I’m a travel writer, and because someday, when innovators such as these fellows in Finland move the technology along, I’ll be developing or offering

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