Looks Like SE.com was Acquired by Schneider Electric


It looks like George Kirikos has discovered another high value domain name sale. Based on some observations made by George that I can also see, it appears that Schneider Electric may have  acquired the high value SE.com domain name:

For quite some time until mid-2016, SE.com had been registered and used by Centralnic. In mid-2016, the Whois record for the domain name went private. Within the last couple of weeks, the domain name registration moved from one privacy service to another. It is now registered to Nameshield Proxy Service. SE.com is not currently being used, aside from a default landing page provided by the domain registrar.

Some of the factors that lead George to believe the domain name was acquired by Schneider Electric are:

  • Same proxy registration for Schneider-Electric.com and SE.com
  • Same five nameservers for Schneider-Electric.com and SE.com
  • Initials for Schneider Electric are SE

Schneider Electric LogoIt would make sense for Schneider Electric to acquire this domain name because SE.com is easier to spell and remember than the current hyphenated domain name. I had not heard of Schneider Electric before reading George’s tweets, but it looks like the company is quite large. According to Yahoo Finance, the company’s market cap is $37.959 billion, and the company employees 144,000.

My guess is a sale of SE.com would be in the mid to high 6 figure range and perhaps 7 figures. There seems to have been a bit of a dip in sales prices lately, with SW.com selling for $660,000, as reported earlier this month. Every domain name is different, so I wouldn’t be able to guess whether it sold for more or less. Since the domain name is registered privately, the acquisition won’t be able to be confirmed until the domain name is used or the Whois information becomes public. My guess is that George is right and Schneider Electric acquired SE.com.

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