List of Companies That Own Keyword Domain Names


In my opinion, much like sharing DN Journal’s sales chart to prospective buyers, sharing a list of companies that use or own keyword .com domain names is a good way to encourage prospects to purchase their own keyword domain names. If a company learns that larger companies are utilizing keyword domain names, they might want to acquire their own keyword domain names.

Dominic Mueller complied a list of large companies that own keyword domain names, and I believe a few others have done so as well. I was just sent a link to Domain Guardians’ website, where they have compiled an even larger list of “premium domain names owned by companies.” Their report contains nearly 400 keyword domain names owned by large companies and brands.

I listed a few others they didn’t note below:

  • Pacific Coast Feather Company –
  • Pacific Coast Feather Company –
  • Dreyers –
  • Vail Resorts –
  • Vail Resorts –
  • Landor –
  • US Navy –
  • IAC –
  • Orange –

If you are approaching end user buyers with exact match keyword domain names, you might want to send them a link to Domain Guardians’ list to show them how other companies are using exact match domain names for their own businesses.

One tip if you do this. Make sure you actually have keyword domain names that you can compare apples to apples. Even if it’s a smaller niche industry, it’s likely important for the companies you will be pitching.


  1. In Marc Ostrovsky’s Book Get Rich Click there is a section on domains in which he also lists the keyword names owned by companies.

    • I thought you had created a list, but I could not find it. Thank you for sharing it. Perhaps someone can look through both lists and merge.

  2. Related story. I was in an outlet mall today. Asked a boot vendor which section Oshmans was in? No clue… Then asked how about Sports Authority? She knew instantly. Sports Authority used to be Oshmans Sporting Goods.

    Think how easy it is to lose a brand once you stop promoting it?

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