LenDale White Posts Tim Tebow Haircut Picture & Advertises Parked Domain Name

Picture of Tim Tebow Haircut
Tim Tebow haircut photo from Twitpic: (http://twitpic.com/2ckyyv)

One of the funniest photos making the rounds on Twitter and the Internet during the past few days is a photo of the new Tim Tebow haircut, which was distributed by LenDale White, running back for the Denver Broncos. As many football fans know, NFL rookies are subject to minor hazing rituals (like carrying veterans’ pads, bringing water, and other ridicule) during football training camp.

Tim Tebow, popular former Florida Gators quarterback and Broncos’ rookie, is no different than any other rookie when it comes to pranks and hazing. Known for his deep religious beliefs, Tebow was given a hilarious Friar Tuck-esque haircut last week by his veteran teammates. LenDale White then posted the photo on his Twitter page using Twitpic, and it was seen by thousands of fans who follow White and others.

After checking out White’s Twitter page and seeing the picture, I went to visit the url being prominently advertised by White on his Twitter page. Surprisingly, the LenDaleWhite.com website resolves to a default parking page with PPC links rather than a Lendale White fan page. There’s also a link on the page that says “This domain may be for sale.

From the looks of his Twitter presence, LenDale White does a pretty good job of marketing himself. However, he needs to do a better job of looking after his website.

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