Kudos to the USPS for “Getting It!”


On October 3, I blogged about the United States Postal Service’s campaign to make consumers aware of threats posed by scammers. In that post, I said that the campaign was great, but “the USPS should never have used a .org domain name where the .com is taken. If they needed to have that specific .org, they should have bought the .com for whatever it cost.” Well, as it turns out, the USPS did buy FakeChecks.com the following day. According to the Whois History service, they utilized the services of Sedo on 10/4, and it now shows the USPS as current owners.

Congratulations to the USPS for “getting it” both figuratively, and for litterally getting it, by purchasing the name they needed much more than the previous owner. Now all they need to do is forward that URL to FakeChecks.org, as the .com currently shows a “Welcome to Your New Virtual Private Server!” message.

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  1. Please be very careful of anyone offering a mystery shopper’s position and the e-mail address of
    Aaron Smith . They send you a fake money order and when you call the bank they say the funds are there based on the account number but when you talk to a person and you give them the money order number they will tell you it is fake and to please contact http://www.fakechecks.org or contact http://www.fraud.org .
    These money orders are drawn on Zion Bank out of Utah.
    Please don’t get taken. You will have to pay the money back to your bank and it can even take a couple of months to show up as fake.
    BE CAREFUL!!!! Alway’s ask to talk to a person and tell them to check the numbers on the check or money order.
    Good luck in finding a part time job from home.

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