Kabbage Acquires PaycheckProtection.com


As part of the CARES Act passed into law in the United States, some small businesses will be eligible for Paycheck Protection Loans as part of the Paycheck Protection Program. From the little I understand about the program, US-based small business owners can apply for a Paycheck Protection Loan through participating lenders, and the loan will cover payroll and various expenses for a set period of time.

Of course, I was curious to see who owns PaycheckProtection.com, and from what I can tell, the domain name changed hands very recently. If you visit PaycheckProtection.com, you are forwarded to a page within the Kabbage website. Kabbage is an online financial services company that offers loans to small businesses.

I did a GoDaddy Whois search and can see the domain name is now registered to the Georgia-based Kabbage. Using DomainTools’ Whois History tool, I can see the domain name had been owned by BuyDomains since 2012. The domain name had been owned by BuyDomains as recently as March 27, 2020, so the domain name appears to have been purchased by Kabbage within the last few days.

NameBio does not have any sale history for this particular domain name, so I am not sure of the sale price. I reached out to a representative from BuyDomains to see if they can share the sale price, and I will update the article when I hear back.

I presume there are going to be a lot of people searching Google for details about the Paycheck Protection Program and Paycheck Protection Loans. Having this domain name could give a bit of a boost to Kabbage. I am curious to see if the company will use the domain name for marketing purposes.


  1. Will the registrars stop selling and auctioning these types of domains knowing all kinds of scams will surface? Or profit from it’s use?

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