Howard Lefkowitz Keynote Speech at NamesCon (Video)


I published an interview with Howard Lefkowitz, who recently launched a new venture using new gTLD domain names. Yesterday, Tech Cocktail published an article about Lefkowitz and his new company, and it’s worth a read.

Lefkowitz gave an animated keynote speech during NamesCon last month, and the video of his speech was uploaded to YouTube. When you have half an hour, I think you’ll enjoy watching the video I embedded below.

I don’t regularly attend the keynote speeches at domain conferences, but I think this one is worth your time. I think Lefkowitz’s new venture is fascinating, and it will be fun to see how things work out and how the company grows.  Lefkowitz’s company, One Degree World, is building websites on new gTLD extensions including .Vegas, .Buzz, .Ninja, .Club, and perhaps others.

Here’s the Howard Lefkowitz NamesCon keynote speech video:

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