How Google is Using .New Domain Names


Google is the operator of the .New domain name registry ( Yesterday morning, the company’s Google Docs Twitter account shared how the company will be using a handful of its .New domain names:

If you visit,,,, or, you can see a live example of how these domain names are being used.

Any time a company like Google promotes its new gTLD domain names, I think it’s a pretty big deal. Awareness is one of the most important factors in the life of the new gTLD domain names.

This is a neat shortcut, and it is neat to see Google using and promoting one of its off-brand new domain name extensions. It should also be beneficial to companies with a vested interest in the new domain extensions because more people will see and experience the new extensions.

That being said, I find it strange that Google is directing users away from its own branded domain names and extensions. It makes sense for the company to promote Sheets.Google or, which have the trusted Google branding. When directing users to these .New domain names, the company is seemingly telling users they will find Google products and services via a non-Google branded domain name. This seems a bit risky to go down that path.

I understand that Google controls the .New domain extension and can theoretically register any potential typos or trademark violations, but to me, it seems a bit peculiar.

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