Horizon Dairy Upgrades to Horizon.com


HorizonI am somewhat familiar with the Horizon brand since my kids take Horizon milk boxes to daycare a couple of times a week. During the course of some acquisition research, I noticed that a company called Science Horizons began forwarding Horizon.com to ScienceHorizons.net. When I saw this, I added the Horizon.com domain name to my DomainTools Whois monitor and kept an eye on it to see if any Whois changes transpired.

Within the last week or so, I noticed that Horizon.com is now the dairy’s website. A Google search shows that the company previously used HorizonDairy.com for its website, which now forwards to Horizon.com. The current registrant of Horizon.com is WhiteWave Services, Inc., the parent company of Horizon.

I reached out to a media representative from the company to see if they could comment on the domain name and/or acquisition. A media representative politely declined to comment. As a result, I am unsure of the purchase price and I don’t know how the domain name was acquired.

I believe this was a smart acquisition for a few reasons. First, it looks like Horizon has more than just dairy products in its portfolio. For instance, there are Horizon fruit snacks. Perhaps operating on HorizonDairy.com was a bit limiting for them. Additionally, upgrading to this shorter, one word .com domain name was smart because of the ease of recall. This domain name is also an asset to the company if the brand is ever acquired.

My guess is that this deal was in the 6 figure range, although we likely won’t know for sure. Whatever the price was, it looks like a great upgrade for Horizon!

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  1. Elliot:

    You’ll probably be able to domain acquisition on the SEC Financials for the 2nd or 3rd Quarter of 2016 for White Wave. They are a publicly traded company…

  2. Leaves their competitor with a joke of a URL in the dust: https://www.organicvalley.coop/

    I suspect the bump it will get from being mentioned here will be it’s highest traffic peak ever. Do new-gtld proponents not see the similarity between their new .garbage and the old .coop?

    • @Wally
      Organic Valley owns the .com as well, which they redirect to the .coop.
      They are a cooperative and I guess they rightly value that aspect.

      Great upgrade for Horizon Organic 🙂

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