Good Unregistered Names to Be Found


I just found a couple decent names that were unregistered. I was able to register and Although there aren’t a ton of Google listings for these two names, there are advertisers on the top and side of Google. With some decent SEO, these names can possibly produce some valuable clicks.

Moral of the story: There are still good GENERIC domain names to be found out there without having to turn to the aftermarket. Keep on searching. Landing a decent new registration feels almost as good as reeling in a great one-worder in the aftermarket – with less financial risk.

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  1. Agreed… finding these can really be exciting. Reg’ing for $7, then flipping for $50 the next day is what got me going, although I wish I had those back now 🙁


    But I am sure you used the profit to buy better (and more valuable) names. You may have been able to sell those names for more, but the opportunity cost of holding them would probably have been much greater.

    You should always carfully consider whether you should sell or not sell at a certain point in time, but the key is to never look back after selling a name. Take your profit and reinvest it. Improve your portfolio with every purchase and you’ll be in good shape.

  2. I agree finding a quality name like is always a reason to smile. Just curious though as to what your feelings are toward less desirable extensions such as .info, .net, or even .org.


    Other extensions really depend on the name and keyword value. Oftentimes you can flip a .com for a decent ROI just because it is a strong phrase or term and in the .com. It would be more difficult with other extensions. if your intention is to develop or pseudo-develop, other extensions are ok. Of course, there are certain words or terms that are good in any of the major extensions.

  3. To prove my argument, I am taking offers on these two names, with the proceeds going towards a donation to my alma mater, Muhlenberg College. Drop me a line to place a bid.

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