GoDaddy Promoting New Domain Names in TV Commercial


GoDaddy has two new television commercials that are promoting the gTLD domain name extensions to the general public, with the target audience being SMBs. As you can see when you view the two minute video embedded below, the focus of this GoDaddy commercial is the “brand new, more personalized domain names.”

According to Elizabeth Driscoll, ‎Vice President of Public Relations at GoDaddy, “one and two minute versions of the commercial are airing on cable television – channels like CNN, Fox News, Sundance, History and many more.”

This is a good example of how much the marketing emphasis has changed during the past couple of years.


  1. Two thoughts come to mind:

    1. This will be a good test for GoDaddy to see if people jump on the opportunity. 1and1 tried something similar, but it was WAAAAY too early, since they were just taking pre-registrations. I do remember 1and1 blew a ton of cash on the marketing campaign. Over $50,000,000 to be exact. Ouch.

    2. What happens when the domain you want is taken, and then the domain you don’t really want, but the name you would settle for, is taken as well?
    People will soon find out that any meaningful left/right of the dot combination is already taken. They will also learn that their first name with any extension is taken as well.
    Then what?
    Back to the .com I’d guess.

    The registries are shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing real end users to find and register (AND USE!) these names. Having stockpiles held back for premium prices, and allowing domainers to register and hold their names, isn’t going to equal long term adoption by the public. Skip the short term monetary gains and try to get your names in the hands of real users.
    I suppose these registries are already strapped for cash though, which isn’t surprising.


    • Aron,

      I agree that end users will not stroll onto Godaddy and register a high quality name. I am doing my best to prevent this sort of thing :). But the availability of second tier names in .something will be much higher than .com, .net and .org. Also, there will be the opportunity for many companies to buy the exact match .something they want for much less than what the .com would be available for.

      The best strategy for a new registry would be to only sell domains for the first few years under a strict founders program. They could hire some brokers and start calling on companies. I think these guys are too focused on short term gains. But, since I am benefiting by being able to buy great names, who cares.

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