Getting Started With Development


Of course it is probably unrealistic to develop all domain names in your portfolio, assuming you have a decent amount of names like I have. But for those of you who are inclined to dip your foot in the development pool and at least give it a shot with a few of your names, I will be posting advice from a few domain developers throughout the next couple of weeks. Development is difficult, but it is manageable.
I don’t think the domain investment industry is dead or dying at all. I just think it’s time we start thinking about ways to profit from our domain name investments in ways other than parking and selling.

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  1. I have learned through some of my life experiences that things are generally not ever as bad as they first appear. I have also learned that often what appears to be tragedy, is in reality a blessing in disguise. Bottom line: it is important to stay reasonably optimistic, even when it seems like we shouldn’t be!
    After everything in our power has been done to stop this Bill, and we still fall short and it forces us to look at “safer” uses for our domains such as development, then this may be one of those blessings in disguise. Yes, I know we still wouldn’t be completely safe with development, but many of us may be better off in general. How many of us own premium properties that are the equivalent to land on Madison Avenue? Talk about untapped potential! Parking is far too easy and leaves little incentive to build on these gold mines. Sure the money is great, but a lousy comparison to what these domains could be generating. Who would argue with that?
    So stay positive! We will see that things are not as bad as they may appear. That said, anyone who doesn’t do the best they can to fight this Bill should have good reason to worry.

  2. looking forward to this elliot as I brought my names with the sole intention to develope but have no experience or Knowledge how one does it. Good leg up from you would help.

  3. Great news Elliot. I am hoping to dip more than a toe into the development pool – at least up to the knee! – so really looking forward to the advice of current domain developers to help me get started. Cheers!

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