Funny(.com) Domain Inquiry


One of the fun (perhaps?) aspects of owning a portfolio of domain names is the offbeat inquiries that come in through the offer forms and landing pages. Sometimes the inquiries come in the form of a threat, some are nonsensical, and some are humorous. Andrew Rosener shared a funny inquiry he received yesterday:

The “prospective buyer” sent his inquiry through the inquiry form, and the message was, in fact, pretty funny.

The most humorous inquiries I have received lately involve ridiculously low offers for one word .com domain names from student and other people who want to use these domain names for a non-profit of some form or another. Those aren’t funny in the funny sense, but they do get a rise out of me.

If you have received a funny message from a domain name inquiry form, please feel free to share below.


  1. I received two emails recently…I don’t think they are funny but mistaken for something else or might be trolls…

    For my BettingNumbers /com I received an email saying as inquiry..
    “Please send me predictions”

    For my VirtualAssistantship /com I got a job request.. saying..
    “I really need this job”

    I don’t know I have to be happy or cry on these responses…

  2. On I had a guy write something like “I need a company that can hook me up with a really spicy ejuice. What you got?”

  3. The volume of inquiries that are misguided asking for a product or where to return a product, etc, …. it’s daily for me. Very, very dumb people imho

  4. Had someone ask me if I would be willing to sell them my domain, when I said no, but if they made a reasonable offer I might consider it.

    They came back with me simply handing my domain name over to them for free.


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