First Purchase of 2021 and Last Purchase of 2020


There aren’t really any days off for a domain investor that buys and sells domain names for a living. Each day, regardless of whether it is a holiday or not, thousands of domain names come up for auction or completely expire and become available for registration. I was working minimally on New Years Eve and New Years Day, and I thought I would share the final domain name I purchased in 2020 and the first domain name I purchased in 2021:

Final purchase of 2020: – $25 via

First purchase of 2021: – $1,079.33 via NameJet

I bought because it seems like the type of domain name that could be used in a variety of ways. I listed it for sale for $1,999 via DAN and will list it for sale via Afternic at some point in the next few weeks when the domain name can be transferred out of NameBright.

I bought because I think it can be a fun lifestyle brand name. Once the domain name is provisioned to my Network Solutions account, I will list it for DAN for around $15k and on Afternic for around $20k.

I invite you to share your last purchase of 2020 and first purchase of 2021 in the comment section if you would like. Happy new year to you – hopefully it is a prosperous one.


  1. Happy New Year 🎄

    The last 2 name of 2020… – The Greek ἥλιος (from earlier ἡϝελιος /hāwelios/) is the inherited word for the Sun – may refer to digital vaccine 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Final Purchase of 2020: – $22 via GoDaddy Auctions. Previously sold for $3,000 according to GoDaddy.

    First Purchase of 2021:
    None yet. Currently have bids in at Drop Catch and GoDaddy.

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