Driving Traffic with Timely Articles


This may be an obvious piece of advice, but I think it’s valuable enough to share in case you are embarking on your own web development projects on good domain names. With Google’s recent updates, there is a focus on adding new content on a regular basis. Just as important, in my opinion, is that the content is relevant to current events and searches.

When you have a website to update, I think it’s key to post articles related to hot topics in that particular business. If you’re up for it, you should consider posting multiple articles on the topic so your website becomes known as an expert site on that topic, and you’ll likely see greater results and more traffic.

Interview experts who are smarter than you about those topics and include their insight to supplement your own knowledge. Experts tend to be happy to share their knowledge, especially if it will benefit their business. Not only will this give you great, unique content, but it will also likely get others to visit your site when they are searching for insight from that expert. The expert may even use his or her personal and business network to publicize your article.

To give you an idea of some “hot” topics I’ve written about lately on various sites of mine, here are a few links:


  1. It’s a good suggestion. What about discovery? Do you ever develop a site and write about what YOU think is interesting, and find it becomes a popular topic? I wrote about the iPads therapeutical value with autistic children, and that turned out to be a huge search term leading to MobileTech.tv. So I posted some permanent resources on the upper right, where families with autistic children can apply for grants.

    And the biggest term turned out to be a complete surprise, when I posted about Bible and Bible aid audio and ereader downloads from JW.org after the announcement at the meeting. I thought, It’s interesting from a mobile tech perspective, and – voila! – JW org bible aid downloads comprise the biggest traffic!

    I guess I should follow your advice and write another article about the usefulness of iPad with autistic children . . .

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