Domainer Week Live and Recorded Videos


Each week, Arif Mirza organizes The Domain Social, a Zoom session for domain investors to chat about domain names and domain investing. A couple of weeks ago, Arif announced a special series of panels and discussions dubbed “Domainer Week.” This series started a few days ago, and it will continue for the next few days.

To see the schedule of upcoming panels, you can visit Since several of these panels were already held, you can click the embedded links to be taken to videos of the panels that already occurred. There are a couple that I am planning to watch when I have a moment.

Some of the participants include Paul Nicks (GoDaddy), Margot Bushnaq (Brand Bucket), Darpan Munjal (SquadHelp), Zak Muscovitch (ICA), Andrew Miller, Adam Strong, Kate Buckley, John Berryhill, Alvin Brown, and many other domain investing veterans.

There’s also a charitable giving component to the event. Arif shared more information about the organizations that will be supported on a Domainer Week GoFundMe page.

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    In the future if I decided to “cam up”, I want more than the average neutral tone background of drywall in my video. Initially I wanted to buy several stacks of Marshall amps and have a wall of Marshall amps behind me. That idea is 40 years old, people have seen that before.

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